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Finally, it is my happy duty to alert you to the fact that with the last issue of TCR, we completed a decade of publication. When Father Gregoris and I began this venture ten years ago, it was at one and the same time an act of faith and an act of hope since so many Catholic periodicals (and secular as well) were being issued death certificates. We believed, however, that offering Catholics a source of reliable information on the truths of our Faith, the meaning of the Sacred Liturgy, and the importance of Catholic education would garner a strong grass-roots clientele. Clearly, our faith and hope were not in vain, thanks to the commitment and loyalty of our readers.
Many friends have suggested that we celebrate this milestone in various ways, and here are some of those ways:

Catholic Response Fund Raising Dinner

Download this form to register for “The Catholic Response: Into the Second Decade” Dinner Event.

  • The question-and-answer column this time around is a gathering of the ten most popular questions handled over the past ten years;
  • We are producing a commemorative journal, part of which will consist of readers’ messages of congratulations. A donation of $100 will help defray costs for the journal and also add a bit to our financial solvency.
  • Back copies of TCR may be purchased for only two dollars, plus one dollar for shipping and handling. A great way for newer subscribers to catch up on our history.
  • Last but not least, our supporters in the greater New York City area are sponsoring a celebratory fund-raising dinner on Tuesday, October 7, at the Ristorante Arno (on 38th Street and Broadway). The speaker will be a young convert, Christopher White, who is the co-author with Anne Hendershott of Renewal: How a New Generation of Faithful Priests and Bishops Is Revitalizing the Catholic Church; he will look into his crystal ball and give some hopeful indications of where he thinks the Church in our country is headed. The cost for a table of ten is $1500 or $200 per plate. We have dubbed the event: “The Catholic Response: Into the Second Decade.”

You may register for the “The Catholic Response: Into the Second Decade” dinner event by downloading the form above. Mail the form with your payment made payable to The Catholic Response to:

The Catholic Response
601 Buhler Court
Pine Beach, New Jersey 08741

For further information on the journal, back copies, or the October 7 dinner, feel free to call: 732-914-1222 or email: Also see the order form on page 3.